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Have you for ages been attracted to aerial photography? I have and yes it all started when I completed it in the mid 80’s using a small snappy camera from Canon. This became in the past but this was where it all began and where I came to love the art of the digital aerial maps photography. It is adding a great extra dimension to the hobby with an old camera but with today’s modern digital cameras that are running on low costs and with no need to develop the film. Should you be carrying out a lot of photography this will in reality add up very quickly and will also be capable to either save a lot of dollars or even just simply be able to take a many more pictures?

The most obvious method to control a digital camera is by using a servo with a camera pressing on the shutter button. You might have seen some really good photos taken by using a Canon Digital Ixus camera by using exact method as this is a method that is frequently used worldwide.

Nevertheless this could not interest you as it inhibits the conventional technique camera. With these ages of fly by wire it seems a little bit agricultural to get it done using this method. But every man wills it his or her way and I am not to tell you how to get your pictures.

You may think: Perhaps there is absolutely no way to accomplish this in an automatically and electronically way? For doing that you’d be in a position to completely get rid of the requirement for a servo, plus it would offer you a great deal of simplicity as well as a superior flexibility. This could, as an example, be done having an interval timer function. During writing this I couldn’t seem to find any commercial interfaces that might enable you to accomplish this and you would therefore have got to build your own. A suggest to the solution is that you need to choose would be to base it on a commercially accessible Stamp micro-controller. A quick description of what I mean may be explained with this:

The algebra is a decent size (3 meter), good handling no-nonsense airplane, as well as a perfect choice to be a camera platform. A Multiplex mc3030 transmitter will be a great choice with controlling ailerons, spoiler, rudder, and elevator after which of course the camera.

Whenever you do the flight tests, a cardboard dummy should be considered in the place of the camera, so you can determine the consequence of large bluff object sticking above the wing. I would recommend that you do at least three test flights with the dummy mounted in various positions ahead of the actual flight. A camera falling to earth from the plane is not a pretty sight so please make sure to fasten it the best you can when doing your digital aerial maps photography.

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