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Digital photography – From an Airboat!

July 13, 2012 Amos Navarro 0

Wow! While I searched into airboat tours with Cypress Airboats I had no clue such a ride a person can have I became going to have. I am a freelance photographer and have always been interested in wetlands and also the wildlife within the Florida everglades. Yet, I’d kept myself about what I considered safer passions after hearing horror stories about photographers and journalists commencing the everglades and getting severely hurt, and so i was afraid to attempt it until recently.

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Is Picture taking Artwork?

June 1, 2012 Amos Navarro 0

The talk regarding whether or not photography is art is certainly one that is raging inside art world for years and we are not likely to totally solve it here. But it can be a crucial decision make if you’re planning on a career in photography with all the goal of producing quality art works. If which is where you are, the notion that someone would say “That’s not art, you merely took a picture” is fairly disturbing. So it’s worth going through the question between several various angles before we select which side to weigh in on.

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Digital Aerial Maps Digital photography

May 9, 2012 Amos Navarro 0

Have you for ages been attracted to aerial photography? I have and yes it all started when I completed it in the mid 80’s using a small snappy camera from Canon. This became in the past but this was where it all began and where I came to love the art of the digital aerial maps photography. It is adding a great extra dimension to the hobby with an old camera but with today’s modern digital cameras that are running on low costs and with no need to develop the film. Should you be carrying out a lot of photography this will in reality add up very quickly and will also be capable to either save a lot of dollars or even just simply be able to take a many more pictures?