Chris Brown being charged with two felonies! Update…

Here is an update on what’s happening with Chris Brown. According to E! News Chris Brown is being charged with two felonies. One is Assault by Force and the other is Making Criminal Threat. He was scheduled to appear in Court this afternoon to be arraigned on the charges against him. He was also looking to enter a plea deal. His lawyers are working fervously to ensure that Chris Brown stays out of jail. Since it seems that him and Rihanna have salvaged their relationship then perhaps he may be cleared of these charges against him, I guess all we could do for those of us that care of course, is wait and see!!

More information on this case, Chris Brown did not enter a plea  today but he was told by the commissioner ” not to annoy, harass, molest, threaten or use force or violence against anyone.” If Chris is convicted of any crime he can be in prison for up to four years.

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