Beyonce Knowles interview on Larry King Live

Last night , Beyonce interviewed with Larry King on Larry King Live and this time she didn’t cry when he asked her about her relationship with her mom, Tina Knowles. The interview was basically about what’s she done, her movie career and of course her undeniable talent as a singer. By the way, she really did look amazing. In the interview, Beyonce said she believes that she “was born to sing.” She talked about how she has this total out of body experience when she’s on the stage or performing and she said that it wasn’t until her last film, Cadillac Records that the same feeling that she had when she sang, she was able to get when she was doing a movie. So now she says that she doesn’t pay attention to what’s happening around her or the cameras but rather focuses on the character that she’s playing. She also talked about her relationship with her husband, J as she calls him, also known as Jay Z. She said that keeping their lives private has made them happy thus far and they intend on keeping it that way. When asked about Rihanna, she said that her and J and her family are there for her and also mentioned how important it is to give Rihanna her privacy while going through these difficult times. Larry asked her about her tour and if she’s nervous and she said yes of course, she always gets nervous and if you don’t then you better get nervous. Larry also asked her questions about the First family, specifically Michelle Obama, and Beyonce talked about how chic the first lady was when it comes to how she dresses and she also talked about the kids and how wonderful they are and how she’s happy to hear that they look up to her. Beyonce said that she would always try to do what’s right since she knows how many depend on her. Watch the interview right here!

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