The Bachelor Season Finale

Ok the season finale of the Bachelor was tonight and for those that didn’t watch it, you truly missed out. It was one of the saddest episodes of the Bachelor I have ever watched. Jason Mesnick, the Bachelor seemed to have found love at the end of finale with Melissa, the girl from texas. He truly, genuinely seemed like he was in love with this girl and wanted to give her everything include share his world which includes his son Ty with her. Although he had not met her parents, that didn’t stop him from proposing to her and asking her to be his wife and to spend the rest of her life with him.

Then this happend, The Bachelor after the rose, Jason ended things with Melissa. Yes ended, said he made the wrong choice. He said that he should have chosen Molly instead. After spending the holidays with Melissa, he realized that they were not right for each other. What the….? That was insane. He said he just couldn’t get Molly out of his head and that he was still very much in love with her.

I don’t know how jacked up this situation is but I do feel for Melissa and for Jason. She had to get hurt from a situation that she thought that she had conquered and have to go through it on national tv. I feel for Jason cause he honestly don’t know what he wants. I truly hope that he does find love with Molly and everything works out for him especially after going through that entire ordeal.


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