Chris Brown – Domestic Violence

One of the saddest stories circulating the web these days is the Rihanna and Chris Brown domestic violence case. Many people may not understand the magnitude of this case but domestic violence is a serious issue and should be met at zero tolerance no matter who you are. There are so many websites circulating pics of so-called Rihanna and how badly her bruises seem to be. If the situation is the way it seems then Chris is in deep trouble.


  1. Yea he did hit her but, I don’t think jail is going to solve anything. He needs to go to counsel and get some help before it becomes a habbit. And the media is making it even worse. What these parents need to do is sit down and talk to there children.

  2. Well drg1, it may actually prove a lot. Domestic violence should not be tolerated. Prison will definitely teach him a valuable lesson in knowing that he shouldn never even think about hitting on another women. If he doesn’t get time to really think about what he’s done then it might just happen again.

  3. What exactly is that going to solve or prove? I am not trying to say it is right for anyone to be hitting on someone else. I know if some guy hit any of my sisters, I promise he’ll be begging to go to jail. But really what is him going to jail going to solve?

  4. I don’t even think Rihanna really wants to press charges. Do you think if she doesn’t press charges against him that she’s saying what he did was okay, and don’t you think that would cause him to just do it again and again?

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