The Perfect Deal Of No Win No Fee

When someone else has caused injury to you and you have no fault of your own in that accident then there is no need to suffer in silence. If it is not your fault then law will compensate you against all forms of accidents. If you are financially not able to sue your victim, No Win No Fee compensation will help you pursue compensation.

In No win No fee compensation, first your personal injury solicitor will assess your claim. If he finds the likelihood of the claim to be successful then he would go for further process. And if he considers it to be unsuccessful, he will not take the claim on the no win basis as on the basis of this claim he gets paid only if the accident claim is successful and if the claim fails, he does not receive a fee. When the claim is successful, solicitor’s fee along with a success bonus is paid by losing party.

This kind of claim is applicable whether you have had a road traffic accident, accident at work, accident on footpath or any injury caused by the fault or negligence of somebody else. Exceptions to this may be criminal injury cases or medical negligence cases, there are still many firms unwilling to run such cases without payment from the client. The solicitor will consider the case type before no win no fee compensation agreement.

Basically this No Win No Fee compensation means that from the day the victim files his claim till the day he wins his plea – the claim help organization will support him or her fully and will not take a single penny for the efforts. It’s only when the entire compensation reaches the sufferer that the claim help company may take a meager amount for itself. Otherwise, the entire job will be done without taking any fee from the customer. The claim help agency will even bring up the required personal injury lawyers to justify the case if necessary. And these solicitors are not just ordinary solicitors.

The cast of bringing claim can be worrying for many people. However No Win No Fee compensation agreement resolves such worries. They agreement is that if you win or lose, you will not be charged even a penny. If you win, your solicitor is paid by the other party’s insurance company. If you lose the party’s fees are paid under the terms of insurance policy taken out by your solicitor. It is called After the Event Insurance. Therefore you will not be asked to pay if you lose – it is your solicitor who will be responsible for it.

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