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In the state of Florida, death reports between the years 1899 to 1916 are limited, since it was not until 1917 that the state began a thorough documentation of all deaths in the entire state. All vital documents, including Florida death records, are stored and maintained by the state’s Bureau of Vital Statistics. All applications and requests concerning any of these vital accounts go through the office as well.

Florida’s vital documents authority has the capacity to provide certified copies of these reports. There are, however, certain procedures and requirements that all requesters have to adhere to. Death records, without the cause of death, are accessible by the general public with nominal requirements. You do not have to present full credentials for that one. But if you want the complete information, you will have to be either an immediate family member or someone who has the appropriate papers to legally obtain the document.

But such legalities and lengthy processes are rather pointless and unnecessary for an individual who is merely trying to run background checks or genealogy research. Gathering data for personal background research does not really require certified copies of vital documents like free death records and other official documents. You just need to have appropriate access to a comprehensive database that houses public documents containing accurate and reliable information.

With the beginning of the digital information age, the data acquisition process has essentially changed in a variety of ways. Compared to a couple of decades ago, getting any kind of data these days will only take minutes, if not seconds. The various online resources have made it possible for anyone to obtain just about any type of information he or she wants. A computer, an Internet connection, and a search engine are all you will ever need to run a comprehensive research. If you were on a genealogy project, getting access to Florida death records or any other vital document would be quite effortless with the help of the right data search website.

Compared to other more traditional methods, using a commercial record provider is much cheaper. Government agencies will require processing fees, administrative fees and other additional charges for extra copies of these types of documents; whereas, if you were to utilize a data search website, all that is required of you is a one-time membership fee and you virtually have unlimited access to the service’s database and other useful features. It’s cost-efficient, less time consuming, and accessible from just about anywhere there is an Internet connection and a desktop or laptop computer. Smart phones with online connection capabilities will even suffice.

With the significant advancements of the information technology, it’s not surprising to see how far we have come in the last three decades in terms of information gathering. From the laborious methods of obtaining free death records and other vital dossiers to the more modern means of digital file acquisition that merely requires a certain amount of bandwidth and data packets. Anywhere you may be; at home or at the office, getting access to these types of documents is just a keystroke and a mouse click away.

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