Do You Have What It Takes To Earn More Money?

You will hear it a lot. Want more money? Get a degree. But is that true? Absolutely! Statistically, college graduates earn more over their careers than those who stopped at a high school diploma and certainly more than those who didn’t graduate high school. And the higher the degree, the more money they make.

Take a college graduate compared to a high school graduate. A high school graduate will earn an average of about $1.2 million over their lifetime. A college graduate can expect an average of about $2.1 million. What about higher degrees? Someone with a masters degree earns about $2.5 million. Those who have earned their PhD can expect an average of $3.4 million. These figures are based on a Census Bureau report titled THE BIG PAYOFF.

What about annual salaries? A high school drop out will make about $18,900 a year but a high school graduate will make about $25,900. A college graduate who holds a bachelors degree averages about $45,000 a year. Holder of professional degrees, such as lawyers, dentists and doctors typically earn around $99,300 annually. This means that someone with a professional degree can earn about $80,000 more per year than a high school dropout! That is quite a gap.

What if your formal education stopped at high school graduation? Don’t worry. There’s still time. Getting that degree is not easy but it has become easier. We aren?t talking diploma mills. It will require studying, doing homework and proving that you have mastered the material by passing tests. Think you don’t have time for college? There are new ways to go to school. Online college degree programs are designed specifically for working adults. You can take classes and earn your diploma or degree from anywhere you have access to a computer and the internet. You can study during the hours that fit your schedule and earn your degree at your own pace.

Could this plan work for you? First and foremost what are your goals and plans? You need to answer that first. Once you know what your specific goals are, you need to find an online college with a program that can help you meet those goals. Talk to family, friends and colleagues and ask if they or anyone they know has attended an online college. Referrals are always important. You will also want to attend an accredited institution and know that your units earned are transferable.

You laid out a formidable goal for yourself and selected an online school to help your reach that goal. Now how do you pay for this new adventure? If you have done your homework in picking a school then you will already have some idea as to the answer. There should be a Financial Aid department at your chosen school. They can help you put together a plan to finance your degree. Don’t allow the word AID to get in your way. It’s not about handouts. Financial Aid professionals know the ins and out of paying for higher education through grants, loans, scholarships and cash payments. Make sure you ask lots of questions and feel comfortable with your Financial Aid advisor because they are as important to your success and an Academic Advisor.

It is possible to increase your earnings by getting a high school diploma, bachelors degree, masters degree, or PhD, but you have to do your homework first. You must know what your goals are, what degree you want, how much it’s going to cost and how you’re going to pay for it. Once you have that done, you’ll be well on your way to earning your degree and increasing your salary. Study your options and study hard!

If you’re ready to pursue your education, start with an accredited university degree. You’re sure to find the online university that’s right for you.

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