Custom Essay Writing Service In Contemporary Times

Custom essays writing services are products of recent times yet they have connections with the past. For a long time the composition has been a feature of the academic world. It is used by individuals to compose their thoughts and by teachers to judge the academic prowess of students.

The many radical ways in which the world has changed in recent times has had big effects on many institutions that were all powerful in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The newspaper industry is in turmoil. In education too nineteenth century methods like lecturing to groups that have now expanded into crowds seem strangely inappropriate.

Western education is based on the work of Socrates who walked about ancient Greece talking to small groups of students. Similar methods were employed at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge where tutors taught small groups of students, getting to know them intimately through the essays that the students wrote.

When the era of mass education began, midway through the twentieth century educationists did not adapt to changing circumstances. Huge numbers of students passed through high schools and descended on the universities and colleges facing a small corps of higher education teachers who could not possibly know all their students. Nevertheless they pretended to and stuck with the old tutorial model of teaching.

This is evident in some problems that face the essay as an assessment tool. An experienced teacher can make an accurate assessment as to the worth of a composition without knowing anything about the writer. However he has little way of knowing whether a piece of writing is the work of a particular student if he does not know the student and his capabilities.

In the context of mass education a custom essay writing service must therefore face something of an ethical dilemma. Their products could be dishonestly used by students to obtain high grades under false pretenses. It is not the responsibility of an online service to determine what happens to products that it supplies. It would appear that, as in so many other instances, a new ethical dispensation must be worked out for education in a new world.

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