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Essay Writing Guide:

We Provide Each Student and Business client, in advance, with a detailed draft outlinedraft of how we propose to structure and compose the essay in question. To prepare outline, we would stipulate one weeks to guarantee a thorough job. However, as a safeguard, we always present all our clients with a rough draft before approving each academic or business essay for submission to the examiners


The introduction is essential to an essay’s structure. It summarises the contents of your essay will contain, and outlines the purpose of writing. The introduction follows a brief abstract, which always comes after the title page. Our writers offer expert advice on the preparation of this vital preliminary.


The body, set out in paragraph form, supports the thesis, which is summarized in the key points of the client?s essay structure, providing a consistent guide throughout your paper


Our writers observe strict paragraph structuring, taking care to present one main idea per paragraph, essay each of which should provide supporting details for the essay. The key sentence of each paragraph should be linked to the assignment?s main idea. The supporting sentences should explain the main idea, elaborate on it and provide supporting details, enriching the essay structure. Paragraph size: writers should aim for each paragraph to be similar in length. However, they do not have to be uniform in structure.


Our writers conclude each piece with a summing-up of all the points made in the body, and clearly emphasise the assertion of the argument/thesis.


The bibliography Includes research and information which students have gathered about their. All reference and source material must be systematically listed. This is vital to track down and rule out any possibility of plagiarism. The student must be critically au fait with, and aware of, related material, but not to copy it and follow it in a servile manner.

Plagiarism Scanning:

When each individual piece has been completed, our team will process it through the plagiarism scanner, which monitors borrowing and copying from other material on a percentage basis. Unlike other individuals or companies, we do the work from scratch; we do not ‘copy, cut and paste’. With us, there are no ‘hashed up’ essays. We take our time to do a perfect piece of work free from plagiarism. All our writers subject each work submitted to plagiarism scanning.

Final essay writing Assignment Submission to Client After Completion of Scan:

Completed essay writing work is sent to a client, to be downloaded as an attachment. As we are working together, if clients have any further queries or need more information, they can always contact our writers for this. In turn, we expect clients to give a rating to our writers. This is of great mutual benefit, and will help us constantly to improve our services.

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