Couponing 101 Find Out How To Cut Your Food Bill In More Than Half!

Stop feeling as if your wasting money at the grocery store instead go out feeling as if you saved! I use to close my eyes in the check out line fearing the minute they rang in the total. You listen to the beep beep and want to just say “never mind I don’t need groceries that bad” however, the problem is you will! My whole take on shopping has evolved I now anticipate the moment when they hand me the register receipt in order to see just how much I saved. Most grocery stores like Safeway and Albertsons now have a percentage on the bottom that says just now you saved 79%! That is the number that will make it all worth while!

Stock Pile – This story begins with the stock pile! The big money saver is always using a manufactured coupon together with a store coupon. For example if canned tomatoes are on sale for $.99 regularly priced at $1.25 you saved $.26 today.Now add a manufactured coupon on top of that for $.75 off canned tomatoes you just saved $1.06 making your canned tomatoes only $.19 cents today. Exactly why you only buy two cans for dinner tonight buy 20-30 cans. In the near future when you need that can for a meal you just go into your stock pile and grab them at a rock bottom price. Manufactured coupons revolve on a 3 month cycle quickly you will begin noticing the instant the right time to purchase is.

Now think about trying that for every single product in your pantry shampoo, mouthwash, toothpaste. Think about products with long expiration dates if not one at all. So why wouldn’t you want to stock up when they are rock bottom price.

Buy what’s on sale this week – Next tip! Each week all grocers have new ads come out for the grocery store. Be aware which fruits and vegetables are on sale if oranges are on sale this week buy oranges for the family. Next week pears will most likely be on sale. Check your meat area for what is on sale and base your daily meal on what is on sale. If poultry is a great price that day you guessed it don’t just buy one buy several and deep freeze the remainder.

If this is couponing 101 for you then please keep in mind the first 3 months you won’t see much of a savings.First you will need to have a stock pile up and running to see the extremely big cost savings. Should you modify you’re shopping methods to only buy what’s for sale you will be able to increase the amount of food items you buy for half the retail price. Once you have an excellent stock pile going you can expect to begin to see the financial savings, I started experiencing it right at the end of month two. I use to purchase every thing on my list it wouldn’t make a difference when it was on sale or not. Now I really cringe at the idea of having to pay a high price for anything.

Next up where to get coupons. Certainly there is the newspaper. There are sites online like or If you’d rather to learn by seeing videos you can watch couponing videos. Begin taking a look at your grocery store sometimes there are coupons right next to the item you’re buying. Take notice soon you are going to start to see coupons all around you. Rapidly you will certainly start to save big!

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