Picking An IPTransit Host

Whether you are a web host, game server host, or dedicated server host, you’ll be needing bandwidth services if you don’t run your own BGP network. Selecting the right IP Transit company is critical. Should you choose the wrong host, it can cause a lot of problems. And if you are running a business, hordes of angry clients. The right IP Transit host makes life happier! The following tips should help your search.

How well does their network perform?

And not just during the day, but also at peak times. 6pm-8pm is usually the busiest time for a network. Simply because this is when people are home from work, collect etc. Such is the modern tradition, everyone is now on Facebook and Twitter to talk to their friends! It seems at this time everyone is on social media sites chatting to each other. So during these hours, a network is going to be most busy. You can run a variety of tests such as an MTR, or simply ping test. You maybe be evaluating ip transit provider services Do you get low pings, and now packet loss? Try other hosts at the same time- who passes the test?

How quickly does the provider answer sales emails?

Yeah, imagine that! Emailing at various times of the day will show you how consistent their support is.

What does the IP host know?

Do some research on the transit provider, and test them. What sort of traffic are they pushing? Who are their upstream providers? What networking equipment do they utilise? Look at similar hosts and compare them. Find out why their setup is going to suit you best.

Have they a history of good network performance?

Here’s something you probably didn’t know A host having no bad reviews on them is usually a good sign! There are hosting forums, such as WHC that offer a search area. Try searching for your potential IP transit provider on there – try for example ip transit city life line on these forums. If that fails, there’s always Google! Failing that, you could give Google a try! Will you find any good reviews on the host? Probably not! Remember people generally only talk about a provider or service when it’s going wong. So no good reviews can very often mean the provider is actually very good! Should you find lots of bad reviews, it could mean one of two things. The host could actually be bad. But consider it could also mean the host is very large. A large customer base makes it more likely that difficult customers can find the smallest of gripes. Definitely bear that in mind when you are picking your IP transit provider

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