What To Do After Car Crash

No apologies, never. Don’t say sorry to any person at any time. That does not necessarily imply that you can’t express empathy for any Accidental injuries to others, but a saying sorry can become an admission by an insurance adjuster.

You may say something like say “I hope you are not in too much pain; what can I do to make you more comfortable?” Some of the people are so intimidated in chatting to an insurance adjuster that sometimes they just shout out an apology-or express that they are “I’m so sorry for the accident”. This sets them in an inferior position right off the bat. Let him apologize to you. People need to talk a lot under these conditions.

When the Garda or insurance company interviews you later, you can imply that the other driver apologized. Don’t presume that, as you think culpability is clear, his insurance corporation will see it the same way.

That’s what the adjuster is paid to do, and that’s what she’s going to try to do. One of the truths that would be helpful is that the other side made apologies or some acknowledgments of fault.

You will say nothing about fault. Nor will you get into a discussion with the other side as regards what you saw or did not see when you applied your brakes, and so on.

Although the natural desire is to get into a conversation, you will be pleased later if you have disciplined yourself in this respect. Instead, take some time to study the whole scene and take pictures. If you did not carry a camera in your car, then make notes, or at the least make psychological notes that you can put into writing later on.

If you get an opportunity to look within the other driver’s automobile, observe whether he had any proof of work on his seat. Are there papers opened up that he could have been writing on or working on? Is a laptop computer open? Did he have a cell phone out? Is there a half-eaten sandwich open on the seat?

Although taking care not to admit anything to anyone, even to witnesses or to passengers in your own car, is totally sure to make psychological or written notes of any comments made by the diverse witnesses. If not, get in contact with each of them as quickly as practicable after the accident. If there’s sufficient time to write down something for them to sign, so much the better.

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