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A quick guide to professional indemnity insurance

June 7, 2012 Darren Tate 0

These days, there are quite a few different types of insurance available for businesses. One policy you may not have heard of exist is professional indemnity insurance, but this is actually one of the most important. This is because it is designed to cover potentially expensive legal cases and lawsuits affecting your business.

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What To Do After Car Crash

May 26, 2012 Ron Johnson 0

No apologies, never. Don’t say sorry to any person at any time. That does not necessarily imply that you can’t express empathy for any Accidental injuries to others, but a saying sorry can become an admission by an insurance adjuster.

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New Business

May 10, 2012 Sirius Grant 0

When starting a company cost is always a major issue and it is a common error to dismiss new business insurance outlay in the early days as an unnecessary overhead that places a financial burden upon the business when it can least afford it.