Why try when all I do is fail?

thinking manHow many of you have put your heart and soul into something and it just didn’t turn out the way you had originally planned? I know I have time and time again. I sometimes feel like I do all that I can to learn only the hardest lesson in this life, which is you simply can’t. What exactly is considered to be a failure though, is what I continuously ask myself as I continue on this journey I call life.

Is it really trying my hardest at accomplishing something and then falling short of my goal,  or could it be the not trying at all that would have made it a failure. I would definitely say it would be the latter.

You see, how would we ever know if we would be successful at something if we in fact never tried it? And yes, the reality of this life is that we probably won’t succeed at everything that we do, but in a sense trying it out is a success in itself and while were at it, if we do put God first and it is his will for us to succeed, then we really shouldn’t worry about not being successful.

I know that we all have things that we wish we were better at or even question as to why we even bother with trying to do them in the first place, I too ask myself these questions, but anytime I ever feel like giving up or like I’m failing at what it is I’m trying to accomplish, I simply pray and ask my Heavenly Father, that if it is his will that he allows me to be successful at it, because all I can really do is try.

We can’t all be excellent at everything, some times we have to take a step back and think of the things that we are good at doing. I can almost guarantee that there’s something that you can do that someone you know can’t.  Let’s not focus on the negatives rather on the positive side of things only then we can over come and rise above all.

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