Should you continue dating someone that has cheated on you?

 Should you continue to date someone that’s cheated on you?

Eddy and Maria were about to celebrate their 4 year anniversary in a few months. Maria was ecstatic because she was certain that this would be her last year as an unmarried woman and that finally her boyfriend of four years would finally decide to pop the question. One night a few months before their anniversary, Eddy went out with his friends, got drunk and made some mistakes that could have altered the rest of his life.

He found himself waking up, naked next to a girl that he had only met the night before at some bar. It took him a few minutes to collect his thoughts and realize that he cheated on the love of his life and had reached a point of no return. Eddy went home ashamed of course and immediately faced the music by telling his girlfriend, Maria that he had cheated on her. Maria was outraged of course, at that very moment she felt like her entire universe had fallen apart.

Cheating, a very common disease that we find infiltrating relationships all around the world. This is something that can cause relationships to crumble and never be rebuilt. When a person cheats on their partner, you not only cause this person pain, agony, heartache, and grief but you also run them at a risk to lose their life, if you are involved with them sexually.

If a woman or a man finds out that they’ve been cheated on, should they or shouldn’t they take their partner back. Is telling the person that you won’t allow this happen enough? What can you do to prove that this isn’t going to be a common trend in your relationship? Cheating isn’t something that you can take back, it’s a scar that will stay forever.

Forgiveness though is something that should be a part of every relationship, but don’t be mistaken, just because we can forgive doesn’t mean that we will forget. It’s important that if a person decides to stick it out with their partner through these difficult times, that you take the time to find trust in the  person again but you also learn to let go of the past and not hold these things against them forever. What would you do if you ever found yourself in a situation like this?


  1. I totally agree with Max…and I also agree that we should forgive one another like God ask us to, however that doesn’t involve us getting back together. Even God who HATES divorce made the exception for adultry. So if God made an exception for something he HATES then I can’t be with someone who cheats.

  2. ok…personally i don’t know what i would do if i ever found myself in a situation…but some people do feel like people deserve second chances, and doesn’t God asks that we forgive one another like he forgives us?

  3. i say hell no. for the fact there will always be a trust issue. i say this because my biggest pet peeve is liars and cheaters. and beside if that person actually gave a crap about you, why would they cheat and i don’t want to hear that crap about making a mistake. if you have time to cheat you should have time to think about the consequences of cheating.

  4. let’s remove the factor of alcohol, how about if the person deliberately cheats on their partner and then realizes they made a mistake, should the other person take them back?

  5. There are many different answers to this and each of them will be a problem for someone. I have heard many times, once a cheater always a cheater. If he did it once, he’ll do it again. But the reality is once under the influence of alcohol anything is possible. Is this really a good enough reason no but it happens. I have always thought that everyone deserves a second chance however that will only depend on the person who is hurting. We can’t really tell someone what to or how to do it unless we are in the actual situation. Should you keep dating, well, that’s really a personal call. All I know is that it’s going to take some time if decided to stay with the person to get around. It’s going to take some time to really accept that there’s possibly a 90% chance that the person was sincere enough when apologized and will not do that again. But how do you really control something like that, well, STOP DRINKING…. Don’t do anything that will keep you away of having self control. I think him telling her once he got home was the best thing to do. It’s easier to lie to the one we love when it comes to stuff like that. Really, don’t do it, it’s best to be honest and deal with the heat later. Stop leading someone into believing that you are haven’t done anything that could cause you something good.

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