Do men and women flirt for different reasons? A woman's point of view:

Last week, we read about does flirting mean different things to men and women? Well from a woman’s point of view, I think that flirting can definitely mean a lot of things.

From the guys point of view, we found out that a man flirts in order to see if he still it “game” that is. Well,  this is partially true, unfortunately I don’t think men only flirt to see if they still got “it” but they also flirt to see how far they can go with “it”. For example, do you honestly think a man will spend his time flirting and giving away compliments if he didn’t want something in return or too see how far it will go with the other person?

Imagine that a man is flirting with a girl and the girl is very much into this man, and she shows her interest in him. Do you honestly think that he is going to just walk away?

Women on the other hand, flirt for various reasons. For many it’s a pasttime, even if they are very content in a relationship, they find that’s it’s a way to entertain the men that flirt with them. Or a way to entertain themselves if they start to flirt with the men. In other words they don’t want the men to feel bad. When it comes to flirting, I don’t think that women take it as seriuosly as men do, for the simple fact that most women, those that don’t easily fall, already what we call “peep game” a woman already knows what the man is trying to do so she just decides to play along. Now this happens for the most part when the man is worth flirting with, even if there is no intention of going further. For a woman to flirt, the man has to be worthy of her attention.

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  1. I would have to disagree with many things said above. Not all men flirt just to see. Sometimes someone really needs a compliment. So tell me something please someone, if women flirt just to flirt, why is it that if the guy is not attractive looking they will not give him the time of day? If it’s just a past time, why not flirt with anyone? For guys it doesn’t really matter. So, someone please tell me why, why why.

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