Would You Like To Use WordPress For Your Website

Do you want to exploit the same web technology that the likes of Ford, ebay, playstation or yahoo are using right now?

Great then your are in luck! These big players are all using the same award winning publishing platform that we use to theme all our websites.. WordPress!

WordPress is one of the most powerful and easiest to use publishing platforms in the world.

We use wordpress to design bespoke web sites that include blogs, ecommerce, product data, membership subscription and much more.

The popularity of WordPress has increased dramatically over the last few years and it’s popularity is only going to increase. Because Google launched caffeine back in July 2010 which means that a website needs to remain active and change it’s content regularly in order to get a good ranking however, there is a misunderstanding about what this actually means and the myth is that you must have a blog so the old way of creating static websites designed by web designers will no longer be relevant for Google organic search… Wrong!

A WordPress website is’t just for blogging. A blog is categorised cronological information that has the flexibility of opening up conversation and allows a user to leave comments and or opinions based on the content of the blog post. Because blog content is usually categorised and is cronological this can be manipulated and used in different ways.

Consider this, rather than a blog post of content why can’t a photographer use a blog post to show his latest images and ask for reviews or comments, or an ecommerce website asking for reviews on a product, or a social website asking subscribers to create a thread about an event… Can you see, WordPress is not just a weblog.

A great web designer will combine a website and blog together to produce something that is not only creative but also ticks all the boxes required by Google. That is to have current content that is new and also active.

Sure there are many websites out there offering to sell premium templates but when you use a template there is the danger that you will be using the same template as someone else, maybe even a competitor which, is not going to look good for your or your brand. We always create unique designs from scratch that will ensure your website will be individual from the outset. Come and see how we use WordPress to help hundreds of businesses get an online presents.

Click here to see how we can create a WordPress as a website, and you to could have a WordPress website up and running in now time.

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