What To Ask Your Clients Before You Do Their Website.

I remember the first time a business had contacted me about doing a website for them. I was like sure I can do it, I can do anything. I went home, fired up my computer and then I went blank. I sat there for awhile and thought and thought. What kind of content do I put in this site? I didn?t have anything to really go off of because I wasn?t experienced enough to know what to ask them.

Since that time I have a little more experience under my belt and I think I have a pretty good idea of what to ask now when I sit down with a potential client.

1. How much do you know about web design?

If they know a lot then they can be more specific on what exactly it is that they are looking for in the website and what they want it to do. If they don?t know very much then that?s ok too because it will probably allow you to have more freedom in your design. Also if they don?t know very much about web design then try not to blow them away with all the techie lingo that we use.

2. What are your goals for this website?

Do they have a clear plan of what they want their website to do for them? A lot of people just want a website because they think that they have to have a website to be a business. That is good for us web designers but this is something that you should encourage your client to think about.

3. What types of products or services does your business offer?

This question can really help out in the design process as well. Have them be very detailed in describing everything. The more specific the better.

4. Do you have a specific color scheme that you want used?

You don?t want to do a whole web design around the colors red and black just for the client to say well actually I had in mind blue and gold. It will save a lot of headaches if you ask this in the beginning stages of the project. Often times I will tell the client to search through the web and find a website that they really like and then I can get a good judge of what they are looking for. I won?t copy the website but use it as some inspiration.

5. How many pages do you expect want on your website?

Most of the time they end up needing more pages then what they guess they need but this gives you a rough idea on what to quote them on.

6. Do you have pictures and graphics that you want me to use?

This helps out with time and on the cost for them if they already have all the images. I know for myself, if they don?t have anything then I will personally go and take pictures that way I know that I get something that?s of quality to use on my work and then bill them for my time. Any pictures or graphics relevant to their company would be beneficial in the web design process.

7. Do you have a web host already or do you need me to host it?

If it is a company that already has a host they may want you to just use the host they are already using. This saves a lot of time if they have all the information available to login to the FTP server. If they want you to host the website then that?s great too! It adds a little more money to your wallet.

Of course there are many more questions that you probably need to ask but these are just the basics that will help out tremendously in the design of the clients website. One quick thing to remember, It is better to quote them a little high on the price and then come down rather then quote low and bill them for more.

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