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Websites are being published at an astounding rate on a daily basis. They are quickly becoming the way in which people communicate their products and services to potential customers as well as the method by which information is provided on an endless number of topics. A website faces an uphill battle for exposure and recognition, and this is where the importance of being creative with web design comes into play.

Like the content contained on the site, creativity is a hugely important component of web design. The purpose of a website is to convey information, whether simply to inform readers about a certain topic or to provide information about a company and its products in order to sell something. Because there is a nearly endless supply of sites attempting to perform the same task, their designs and formats need to stand out. A standard, run-of-the-mill site will look just like too many others and become lost in the shuffle. The idea is to catch grab someone?s attention so that they look at the rest of the pages on the site. A creative web design will create curiosity and entice readers to delve further.

The designer himself has much to gain from a creative site design as well. Chances are good that the designer is in the game to make some money, and a creative design will cause interest in potential customers. The person for whom the site is designed will spread recommend the designer if the site was particularly creative, and those who happen upon a site because it looked intriguing will be more apt to contact the designer if they need a site themselves. A designer who produces a site that displays flash and flair is more convincing in his or her abilities and therefore more attractive to possible clients.

Clever and innovative designs add to the marketing power of a site as well. A website is a self-contained unit of advertising, information, and retail. Advertisements and commercials seen in newspapers and on TV that bring something new to the table are the ones that get the attention. The same applies to the World Wide Web. A website with a colorful and unique design will get the attention and, as a result, the customers and readers. In effect, a creative web design acts as the flyer for the website, the piece of the puzzle that brings the reader in.

When it comes to web design, the importance of being creative cannot be overstated. It is what gets the site noticed in the first place. And a site that gets noticed is a site that gets more and more viewers.

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