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With E- commerce overwhelming the customary business methods , the want for online applications have hit an never before high. Theraise in online application development is particularly visible in Shopping cart based websites , i.e. sites that directly sell products or services by accepting payment details online and provide after sale support online .

currently there are many E-commerce platforms available in the market , Magento , X cart , Cube cart ,Foxy cart being just a few . But unlike other opensource software , Magento based PHP and Zend framework has won the admiration of almost all developers around the world. Most designers may be flooded with requests for designs for an magento website , but there is an out of sight opportunity that all designers would benefit from , magento implementation of the design orPSD to Magento is ,If you can offer your customer implementation of the design as an add on service , it would not only save them lots of time and cost but also would boost your status as an skilled service provider

But to convert PSD to Magento is not an easy job,trying to customize Magento with not enough understanding or hands on experience may not end up being an experience to treasure . But that is where PSD Conversion companies can be an advantage. There are lot of such companies flooding the market right now , but there are also a few good and committed companies that focus only on PSD Conversion , these are the sort of companies that you want to work with. The benefit of working with such companies is not only that they are far more responsive , time and cost efficient but also would be more technically talented than those companies that do conversion as an minor job among others

There are a few more other important details that you may want to look into while selecting a company that offers PSD Conversion. make sure that the coding is W3C validated , World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) international standards organization for the World Wide Web that is devoted to the development of standards for the World Wide Web. Having a W3C validated design would not only leverage the trust factor but also would be an image booster for your professional designing carrier. Make sure that the coding is checked for multiple browser compatibility, the last thing you want is your client calling you back since your design breaks when opened in an different
rowser. Third important factor you need to consider is the code weight , you don’t want the design code to be a trouble on the overall site coding and lead to slow loading of the site . The last and the most important of all is to make sure that the that the site is implemented in Magento efficiently without an error or bug . Happy conversion –

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