Voice2Phone Announces New Auto Dialer Software

Voice2Phone, a communications software developer known for its popular Auto Dialer Standard and Professional software packages, has announced plans to release an exciting upgrade: the Voice2Phone Auto Dialer Enterprise Edition. Like its predecessors, the new edition of auto dialer software will enable users to automate the phone broadcasting. The auto dialer software is an economical and easy-to-use tool for use with promotional campaigns, appointment reminders, catalog sales, and other endeavors that can benefit from mass calling capability. Voice2Phone Auto Dialer can make multiple calls simultaneously and take over the many duties of a large call center.

According to Voice2Phone developers, the company’s new auto dialer software has three unique features. The first, a “graphic designer” for voice messages, helps users create complex voice messages such as multi-step automated telephone surveys. This lets the auto dialer issue a logical flow of questions that depend on previous responses. For example, the first question might be, “Do you currently use public transportation? If yes, please press 1. If no, please press 2.” A customer who presses #1 might then be asked, “Do you use buses?” while a customer who presses #2 is next asked, “Do you use a car?” The easy-to-use phone dialer system can store respondents’ answers alongside their phone numbers as voice files or as numeric keypad entries.

The second highlight of the new auto dialer software is an integration API for developers. The Voice2Phone Enterprise Edition is unique for its simplified integration with external systems. For example, the phone dialer can quickly import contact lists from MS SQL and MySQL databases. It can also be used seamlessly with Microsoft CRM and other client relationship management systems. Parameters from these programs, such as data about a call recipient’s income level or membership status, can also be used to help tailor the contents of each call.

Voice2Phone Enterprise Edition’s third hallmark is its personalized voice message feature. Both the Professional and Enterprise Editions feature text-to-speech, but only Voice2Phone’s Enterprise edition links this technology to personalized messages. Thus when the broadcast by phone Enterprise Edition is used, instead of hearing a generic “Hello, Customer,” a person could hear his or her own name. Voice messages can be personalized for every number on a contact list.

In addition to having the graphic designer, integration API, and a personalized message feature, the new edition of phone notification software keeps the features that built Voice2Phone’s good name: an easy-to-use wizard, automatic redialing, the ability to detect and adapt to answering machines, the ability to preset call times, and more. Like its well-regarded forerunners, the software is bound to be a boon for realtors, catalog centers, appointment setters, political groups, non-profits, school districts, and others seeking a cost-effective means of conveying and collecting information. The new Enterprise edition requires only a sound card and an Internet connection.

The release date for Voice2Phone’s new broadcast by phone software is April 2011.

Voice2Phone is a new fast growing company that specializes on network, connectivity and e-mail managing solutions. The company provides a range of connectivity products including auto dialing tools, mail and voice message broadcasting software.

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