What IP Technology To Opt For Your Business?

It is true that nowadays many people are to decide if they are better to stay with their traditional PBX phone system or get rid of it and opt for VoIP solution. In this article you will be offered some information about solution available.

Actually, when thinking of a telephony system you are to consider several choices. The yare as the following ones: analog, digital, or IP.

The truth is that the great majority of ip telephone systems give you the possibility to connect to the Public Switched Telephone Network also known as PSTN.

The fact is that a pure voip telephony solution absolutely operates in the world of IP from handset to phone termination. As an equivalent to the usual PBX you may opt for the solution known as IP PBX. But it is necessary to admit that IP PBX is commonly software that is running on a Linux OS. The problem is that calls between subscribers of the same voip service provider will stay totally on the same network and will never enter the PSTN sector. At the same time calls from and to non-subscribers of VoIP are obviously terminated to the PSTN at the location of the services provider.

It is also worth mentioning that most of the time, you have an opportunity to mix purely digital and TDM telephone systems. Mixing of entirely analog telephone systems and entirely VoIP systems is also possible. How is this possible? In general VoIP system may contain FXS ports (also known as Foreign Exchange Station or Subscriber) which give a possibility to connect to common type analog handsets. This way they can function as some traditional PBX phone systems. The connection type used in this event may be T1, ISDN, analog, or SIP.

The fact is that IP telephony usage is quite dependant on call terminating and activating equipments. The phone may be handled from PC to PC, from PC to telephone, from telephone to PC, or simply from telephone to telephone. It is worth mentioning that in the case you have a personal computer on any side of a call, it is really necessary that that PC is equipped with a specific audio device. In the event of a phone device, a gateway is to be used to convert a format of transmission between the telephone and the network of the Internet.

The truth is that modern type voip telephonysystems provide their users with a much wider range of handset and connection solution than traditional PBX phone systems. But still before you make a hasty choice of replacing your current telephone system, you are strongly recommended to ask a professional expert for an advice or search for some reviews on some of the numerous VoIP review directories you can easily find in the network of the Internet.

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