What You Should Know Buying A Camera.

There is sometimes indicated the type. CCD (CCD) – charge-coupled device. Is obsolete in type, where the readout signal is similar to a cathode ray tube (CRT) – sequentially from left to right and top to bottom. Sensitive elements are silicon photodiodes. Naturally, the options are far from ideal.

CMOS – an analogue of RAM on your computer, where reading can take place anywhere, we need only specify the column number and line number. Each pixel is a sense amplifier. Parameters of these matrices significantly exceed the above type. They are equipped with “older” model.

Live-MOS – made on the basis of the MOS has a smaller number of connections for a single pixel, and requires less voltage, which reduces power consumption and heat release. This configuration provides a more “live” image with no intrinsic above types of matrices overheating and increasing noise level.

Next comes the actual resolution MPix (megapixels), and sometimes it is called the geometric size. By the way, the larger the geometric size of an equal number of MPix, the better. Naturally, when the number of megapixels the quality will increase (with the previously mentioned caveat).

Of course, if the choice was unprofessional (or is not the most expensive of the household) then you have to be content with a CCD matrix. But there is big trouble, because their duties it will perform quite regularly. And it may even happen that you do not feel its shortcomings. If you chose “big” camera, then give preference to CMOS matrix.

With regards to the number of megapixels, it’s quite tolerable images can be obtained by including 5 or more. Otherwise, the survey will be technical in nature, since it does not allow to print photos of more than 10 * 15 (the quality is mediocre).

Viewfinder – a system of selecting the object (s) of photography. And they, in spite of the complexity of technology, only four species: LCD (Liquid Crystal Display – LCD); e-EVF (electronic view-finder), optical parallax and mirror viewfinder. Viewfinder Type does not directly affect the image quality, but, nevertheless, its importance in the process of getting good pictures is sufficiently large. In modern cameras, almost all models have an LCD display, it can be in splendid isolation and in combination with other types: LCD + EVF and LCD + Optical.
So, at this time, almost all digital cameras are equipped with just LCD. This decision has both pluses and minuses. The display requires backlighting, without which it will work, but you can not see anything. Therefore, use the backlight LEDs. If the light is rather weak, the display is “blind” with intense ambient light. In more expensive vehicles displays with a more powerful backlight and they allow you to see the picture on them in almost any ambient light (even in the sun). But this causes their high electricity consumption. Of course, in serious devices can adjust the brightness, which is very nice. Typically, this is denoted as follows: “Display: Dark, Normal, Bright.”

Please note that there are fixed (mounted) displays, and there are mobile. Recent allow you to change their position, which is convenient when shooting at an angle or from above (below) and to reduce the noise level (noise).
There is a standard range of display sizes measured diagonally: 1.5 “, 1,8”, 2,0 “, 2,5”. It would seem that the bigger the better. But this statement is true only partly. In fact, it is seen on a larger screen is better, its resolution is generally higher, but power consumption is also higher.

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And bear in mind that we live in the world of high online technologies. It wouldn’t be smart not to avail oneself of the Internet network to look for anything at the best prices available on the market. Search engines, social networks, blogs and forums – all this will assist you to make a decision on many issues.

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