What To Take Into Account When Buying A Digital Camera?

Before buying a digital camera, consider for what purpose you will use it. If you need to illustrate your page on the Internet, it will be enough the camera with low resolution. But if you’re going to make prints from obtained images, to receive high-quality photos, you will need a camera with high resolution. Four main factors have a crucial impact on your digital camera:

– Resolution
– Method of operation of CCD
– An optical device of the camera
– Software that “works” with the image.

Resolution is determined by the number of light-sensitive diodes on the surface of the CCD. For example, if the manual says that it has a resolution of 1600X1200 pixels, this means that the CCD has about 2 million diodes on its surface. Each of three different diodes on the surface of the matrix can write data about one of the primary colors. In order to obtain data about the color of each pixel, we need to know information about the illumination of at least three diodes. This reduces the actual number of pixels in a three-fold. Instead it the software is used that allows you to equate the number of pixels and the number of diodes.

Although the statement “the more pixels, the higher the resolution, the better the image” in the main is true, however, other factors have a significant impact on the quality of the “picture”. So it is very important the quality of the production of the CCDs. The more qualitative made the matrix, the less it will have broken diodes (the size of one diode is about 7.5 microns), which will directly affect the quality of photos.

Unfortunately, the quality of the CCD cannot be described by any numbers or categories, so only a careful comparison of different models guarantees the purchase of the best camera. Focus on the field, clarity of the visible image. If you are satisfied with the quality of the image, then test the camera under different lighting conditions. Ask also, if possible, to print the captured image; it will give you more information about the CCD.

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