Notes About A Professional Photographer.

Daily the Internet hosts a huge number of different articles about photography and photo art. With the advent of inexpensive cameras, the opportunity to try yourself as a novice photographer appeared. Indeed, to take a picture, you don’t have to calculate the shutter speed of the camera, select the aperture. Just direct the camera on the alleged object of photography, and press the shutter button. Everything else will be made by the camera itself.

The only drawback of the old film cameras was that it was possible to look the shot only after film developing in the darkroom. Modern digital cameras are deprived of such deficiencies. A novice photographer can select a composition and press the shutter button, after it a photo appears on the small screen of the camera. This feature is very convenient. It allows to make another picture with other settings or to delete it.

In the past, in order to achieve a good result in challenging photographic situations, the professional photographers had to constantly record the various shutter speeds and values of aperture, and only after the development he was able to assess the result of hard work, draw conclusions and take into account the errors.

So, on today’s digital amateur cameras, as well as on the cameras of professional photographers, it is possible to change the iso, aperture and shutter speed. Why is it necessary? You ask. I will try to answer. Looking through the beautiful wedding photos, you will notice that on some of them there is a considerable blurring of the background. A small part of the picture is very clear. This sharpness draws our glance involuntarily, makes consider the details of the object more attentively and carefully.

The image is so clear against the background of a small blurring that creates the impression of “ringing” clarity. Such strong contrasts of clarity and little blurring create the effect of expression, and stop the viewer’s attention on a single subject, showing us how it is nice, elegant and unique. This technique is often used by professional photographers at weddings. It is achieved on wide-open apertures. It is almost impossible to achieve this effect on the amateur cameras.

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