Differences Between The Digital And The Film Camera Part 9

Let’s get acquainted with terminology

The software for operation with camera Canon should transform at first a file in TIFF which can be loaded in Photoshop. One more unpleasant thing is that: with such files the majority of output devices won’t work. There is a natural question: what for we need to take pictures with such depth of color if to us it will be very difficult or even it is impossible to use such images? All the matter is that the more bit depth of color, the more details and gradation of shades we will receive, especially it concerns the shielded and brightly illuminated objects. Here there is an interesting decision. As soon as the camera (or its software) will obtain the data, it can analyze them and at conversion of the image in 24-bit the camera will try to save the correct colors on the most critical sections.

The color deep water (derivative of depth of color received on a sensor control) is one of the characteristics distinguishing professional numeral cameras from amateur and semiprofessional (in addition to the best optics and the big possibilities of professional devices).

For the same reason, even if digital cameras cost $1000 and are equipped with a sensor control with the big resolution, than the camera for $10 000, it at all doesn’t mean that less expensive camera will receive the same qualitative pictures. Sensor control transfers a digital data stream to the chip of the digital data processor of signals (DSP). In some cameras it is used a little DSP.

In chip DSP the data will be transformed to the image on the basis of certain instructions. These instructions include determination of coordinates of the points received from a sensor control and assignment of color by it on a black-and-white color scale. In cameras with one sensor control using an array of color light filters, algorithms of assignment of colors taking into account the mosaic layout of pixels are applied. It is better to represent layout of an array of color light filters as a mosaic made of three or four cores or complementary colors. From these colors there are all remaining shades. Algorithms of conversion analyze adjacent pixels for determination of color of the given pixel.

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