Differences Between The Digital And The Film Camera Part 6

Array of color light filters

More often the array of color light filters uses technology Bayer Pattern at which red, green and dark blue filters are allocated in chessboard order and the number of green filters is more than red or blue. It is connected to that the human eye is more sensitive to light with wavelength in a green range, than to dark blue or red ranges. Accordingly, doubling of number of green pixels should provide the best perception of brightness and more natural colors for a human eye (that very much reminds a ratio of brightness of the full video signal where brightness (Y) = 0,59G + 0,30R + 0,11B).

Also as a result of usage of this technology sharper images turn out. The problem of correspondence of perceived color and actual color dares in several ways. Various vendors use various color models and algorithms for color acutance improvement of the numeral camera. All numeral cameras are equipped with an electronic equivalent of a lock (it differs from a traditional mechanical lock in film cameras) which is built in a sensor control. It is necessary for exact regulation of time of reception of light by a sensor control. The electronic lock is a switch, which includes (or ungears) a sensor control for reception of a coming luminous flow. Some numeral cameras also use also more expensive mechanical lock, but at all for redundancy, and for hit preventing on a sensor control of light after the termination of time of an exposure. Thus, artifacts of type of appearance of a halation, hazing and smearing are prevented.

If you push a lock key half in the numeral camera focus and time of an exposure in expectation of the subsequent shooting are fixed. Precisely also all happens and on the normal film camera of type “was directed and has removed” at lock key press half. However the further events in the numeral camera in essence differ from the film. At the full key press of a lock in the numeral camera almost simultaneously there are following actions.

If the camera is equipped by a mechanical lock it is closed. Further the sensor control is immediately released from any electrical charges. It is connected to constant activity of a sensor control that leads to accumulation of electrical charges in various points. (On some advanced cameras the sensor control should be in a dream mode before shooting of the image for an exception of influence of heating and magnification of a ratio a signal/noise).

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