Differences Between The Digital And The Film Camera Part 10

Let’s get acquainted with terminology

Thus, the image will be similar if we created it from three physically partitioned sensor controls (if colors RGB are used) as a result turns out. Therefore as a result the image transfers natural colors and passages in between. Except the described process, DSP is responsible for image resolution.

Though the majority of digital cameras can be adjusted on various resolutions, in themselves they will receive and process the data, proceeding from sensor control resolution. For example, at VGA to shooting on 3 Megapixel cameras, it will fulfill shooting in resolution of 2048×1548, instead of 640×480. Further DSP will interpolates the image in the resolution selected by the photographer (by the way, resolution is selected through an operating system by means of display or a control bar, or at pushing of an appropriate key).

However some sensor controls (as a rule, CMOS) can selectively eliminate pixels instead of interpolating, thus, selecting smaller or greater resolution directly during shooting. Such possibility of CMOS-sensor controls is connected with similar to the RAM structure thanks to what the sensor control can select the demanded data through rapid access on a line/column. Unlike CMOS-sensor control, a CCD the sensor control is the device of serial data output, it should transfer by all means all data, and then the camera processor itself will already carry out interpolation.

Usage of CMOS-sensor control which can take off only the necessary data is normal, allows accelerating time of handling of the image in the camera. By the way, the algorithm of conversion of the image in demanded resolution is normally kept by vendors a secret so it depends on specific model of the camera. In other words, DSP carries out improving of the image depending on the parameters set by the vendor.

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