April Fools Day Virus Season is upon

virusRecently, you may have read an article or seen a news clip that involves the release of a  computer virus or worm that is scheduled to take place on or around April 1, 2009 ( also known as, “April Fools Day” ). We wanted to take this time to remind all of our readers to be aware that malicious virus/worm and other “malware”  activity tends to peak during this time of the year.   Most antivirus software will detect and block these malicious attempts, however, all users should continue to be cautious when opening suspect emails, attachments or other documents.  


Additionally, if you have personally owned computers it is highly advisable that you take the time now to ensure that you have properly patched your personal systems  and installed  up to date virus software.  I have included a link below to some information on performing a “spring cleanup” on your personal computer systems for those interested….




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