How Not To Ejaculate So Fast During Intercourse – Your Way To 25 Minutes In Bed!

5 Quick tricks to last longer in bed

If you want to find out and learn how to last longer in bed then you have to remember one thing ? lasting longer in bed is a very simple formula. All you have to know are the right steps to take and it’s done. Almost 30% of men suffer from premature ejaculation and most of them use all the creams and lotions they can afford. I am not going to recommend you any of these products because of one simple reason ? they don’t give you solution for the problem. We both know that it’s impossible to enjoy love-making when you don’t feel anything, so what’s the point of making love? Here you’ll learn 3 steps you have to take in order to last at least 25 minutes in bed and enjoy every second of it!

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Training by yourself is probably the most important step because it actually makes you face the situation where you about to reach climax and learn how to relax hold up! I guess you are familiar with the feeling that comes just before the ejaculation, it means that you can still stop yourself from ejaculating but it’s not so simple when you are inside of your girlfriend. It’s much simpler when you are masturbating. You have to find the right timing to stop and perform it again and again until you feel that it’s perfect!

Another thing you have to exercise on is the PC muscle. It’s been proven that strengthening this muscle will help you not to ejaculate so fast during intercourse. The easiest exercise for this muscle is to put a light towel on the basis of your penis when it’s erect and move it up and down. Perform this exercise 2 times a day, 25 repetitions!

The third step is to prepare yourself mentally before embarking in the journey of sensual intimacy. Actually it’s not less important then the masturbation training because the time it takes you to reach climax is very depended on psychology. It’s been scientifically proven that men who are afraid to ejaculate to fast are actually the ones who suffer from premature ejaculation. The reason for it is they are so focused on it then the brain just gives it to them. If you really want to prevent it ? just don’t think about. Don’t be tensed and anxious, leave the excitement out of your mind. Breathe deep to control yourself and you’ll see how easy it is. I don’t want you to think it’s going to be like a walk in the park, you may fail in the first or even the second time! But you have to stick to it and believe in it ? that’s when it will work!

One more tip I want to give you ? stick with it till you succeed. Nothing will happen in one minute. One thing I can guarantee ? you will last longer in bed if you will listen to me! Good luck!

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