Wake Me Up Inside

Many people today are coming into the awakening process in their spiritual connection, but many are still confused on really what this means or what they can do about it. We are expanding and going into a changing time where there is more awareness, enlightenment, and a connection throughout the entire globe. While doing this you have to understand we are in a different area in our spiritual pathway, as I call it an ascension ladder, and we are all at different rungs on this ladder as to where we are at. Because we are energetic beings, we are constantly in motion, which means we are either moving forward or backward in our life, but we are never standing still.

When thinking about this ascension ladder, if you can imagine a ladder in front of you, you have near the top some of the most enlighten people on this planet and those near the bottom are the ones who still aren?t even close to being open to this process. When you think about this, where do you think you fit into this ascension ladder process? Are you moving up towards your own spiritual, energetic, and holistic pathway in life, or are you slipping backwards? It is not about a comparison with others, as we are all on a different rung in our own process, but rather it is about identifying where you are at, what your understanding is of this capability, and how you can grow from there. We are all constant moving and vibrating energy bodies and are constantly shifting and changing, so we are moving on way or another ? which way do you want to move?

Waking me up inside is a term that I have used for many years now when my husband first mentioned this to me in such a way that it stuck and has grown into many people?s lives now. It is about understanding that you are an energetic being here with a soul purpose. It is about waking that up from within that has resided dormant over many years of outside influences growing up and through adulthood. It is about breaking through those barriers, standing up for yourself and what you believe in, and taking control back over your life and your choices you make. Once you do this you will begin to awaken more and more each day. You have to understand first what it is that got you to this point before you can fully remove this to continue your process up the ascension ladder you have in your life!

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Many Blessings
Nicole Lanning

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