Something We Need To Trust To Get Life—‘To Overcome’

Can We Trust Him?

Was It real for us when we get here?

The Walk of Faith.

Did we know him and what He has done for us all this past year, or are we looking at the lack or hurts that can be valid or invalid because we are scared to trust HIM more. How do we see the future? Is it a joy because it is a TRUE REWARD OF HIM! “To him who overcomes I will give to eat of the tree of Life.”

Revelation 2:7 (New King James Version)
7 ?He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To him who overcomes I will give to eat from the tree of life, which is in the midst of the Paradise of God.??

Not I give you life first then overcome. Yes, he does give us His New Birth but then we’ve got to see HOW REAL THIS IS SO IT BECOMES REAL TO US just not a story. But it becomes a fruit in us in areas that we must overcome because we got real with the “issues of Life” that come our way or that God Calls us to. Is that peace and joy, can we really remember the fellowship the intimate joy of HIM and HIS WORD becoming real IN US and in our Lives. Are you really serving Him or you? Can you really spend time with HIM and get to know how HE wants to care?

Do you want a little more help?

We tend to always see a King Born and 3 wise men bringing Gold and other things for Honor. But lets see, How This GOD sent HIS SON, Stripped Himself of Glory and was born of teen woman and a young man who had to deal with the issue, they had to live in their own home town, you think people might have wanted to talk about her getting pregnant out of wedlock. And still God is working in them, they had to chose even when the enemy came to kill them from the time of the manger to when the wise men came – most scholars probably believe that it was more than three wise men, they had just three kinds of gifts, The scripture never says three wise men. And from the time of the manger to the wise men finding the “child” not a babe in a “house” was probably about 2 years. What issues did they have to face, even though they had comfort from very, very few people? Think about this in the reality of the Jewish Culture. The stigma and life they had to live to overcome in life. But they believed the Word that was given, Mary loved her husband, and he was a “righteous man” and he believed her because he had visitations too and they overcame together trusting in Their GOD. They Overcome reality by a King stripping Himself of Glory and coming into a teen woman and young man, humbling himself to the reticule of our idea to save. He became like the lost hurt people, He dealt with reality so He could overcome it and with the people HE saves. He teaches us of humbleness that who would ever think of a GOD to be HUMBLE!!!!!!!!!!!

Need to go a little deeper?

The Angels appeared to Shepard?s out in the cold at night, in the culture of that time they were at a very low esteem in life, probably close to being a heathen. The Angels appeared to them not to men of good report much less kings, the wise men weren’t of the “CULTURE” of the right men of religious way. Do we have an awe of a God that would save our Kids and us? Can we enjoy the KING of GLORY who really does saves us from our pride, hate, envy, covet ness. Or is everything a Trophy!!! Can we see how a child was born in this and became a man, he had to suffer as a child and man, “tempted in all points” the word says and overcame as a man, a SON OF GOD to save us and give us the joys we do know!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Faith is a journey, can you really walk with HIM in it!

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