Need A Spiritual Guru? No Way, Read Why You Need One Today – Part 1/3

One doesn’t need to reply to this type of question at all. Why? Well basically lives on Earth are quite similar to surviving in a jungle. We somehow are easily to be lost. The world is always changing, nothing is so called stable. Not even yourself such as emotion feelings. You may feel good in one day but in the next day, you feel bad. You tried to buy something that can excites you but when time flies, you start to feel bored. These things can’t satisfy you.

New gadgets, new fashions, new handbags, the desires are unstoppable.

One day you feel perhaps bored with all. You have run all your life after money and pleasure and you don?t feel happier than before. After having played with all the material toys that the outside world can offer, after realizing that no material stuff or personal relationship can ever satisfy you or bring happiness to you, you will look for something that brings real happiness.

One day, after falling into so many traps of this world of illusion, one starts looking for the truth. It can be in this life or in the next one. So one comes to Earth one life after another until one has realized the purpose of one?s life. One reads spiritual books. This is the beginning of the spiritual search. So much is written. You begin to follow some advice, doing yoga and meditation.

Then you realize that the more you advance on your spiritual path the more you lose the friends you had before. They begin to distance themselves from you. Unaware, they feel you are on a path where they can no longer follow you and jealousy arises. Be happy with it. The more you go inside yourself, the less you talk, the more you will be receptive to your inner self. Sri Swami Vishwananda says:?In the middle of the sea the sand is quiet. But, close to the beach the sand is always upside down?. When you go deep inside yourself, the mind is
quiet. In the outside world the mind is always agitated with numerous thoughts.

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