It Is Critical That Religious People Voice Their Hope In God

Most people are reluctant about writing, blogging or posting about God; they are too afraid they will be classified as too religious, fanatic, heavenly minded and the like. Not any human likes being considered a religious maniac but there are worse names one could be called, and for less important reasons. I am a believer and I believe what the ?good? book says. I believe that God, the Father does exist and Jesus Christ, His son born to Virgin Mary. I have a responsibility to give my views, just like the people who do not trust in God. I believe that He gave His life on the cross of Calvary and we are about to celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior; Jesus Christ on the national holiday of Easter. This brought about faith and our access to the Divine.

The fact is, I am probably not religious enough, not fanatic enough, or heavenly minded enough. Not many of us live as the Bible tells us to in our spiritual walk and that is why some of us are lacking in the many advantages of knowing God. I seem to get too bogged down with my daily life that I sometimes let the most important facet of my life, just kind of drift along, without a steady course of where I?m headed. If one doesn?t think there is heaven, then I guess there is nothing to worry about; but if you believe in God and Jesus, then it is evident that one knows there is a heaven and a place that is deemed punishment for sins that have not been forgiven. So since I believe that eternity exists; I want to find more time to acknowledge God?s many blessings on an everyday basis. It is time the Christians of the world stand up for what this Nation was founded upon.

I have wasted enough time, taken plenty wrong turns, and played enough games. No, I never knew I was playing games; it seemed to be real life, with passion and dreams in whatever I was doing. Kind of a fairy tail, one might say or just not life. Always wanting more; better job, better salary, better position, bigger house, better car, more, more and still more. Like the rest of humanity, it seems, I was seeking pleasure and find none. Something was missing and satisfaction didn?t exist. My heart drifted sometimes, too far, too often and with much guilt. I am a firm believer that, if you have ever believed in God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, you never loose that essential feeling of guilt that you know you are not on the right path. It is said in the Bible, that He chooses you and when you need Him the most; He seems to find you, ?just in time?. Was I a bad person? No, I was not; no alcohol, drugs but ignoring your spiritual self can be just as bad as anything else. I was just seeking what I had left behind in other things that could not comfort my souls desire. I was drifting instead of reaching back for what I knew could bring me peace.

If you have ever believed, you do not stop believing. You may delude to yourself that you believe differently, but it is always there, in the root of your being.

He is the best friend I could ever have and He has never failed me, although I failed Him. He will be your best friend. You will not have to make excuses to Him. He knows what is going on anyway; all you must do is ask forgiveness and when you are faithful, your life will come into a new beginning and the old things will no longer be important and you will find the peace you are seeking.

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