How Can We Understand God?

Can I really know God? If I am religious is that sufficient for me to get in to heaven? These are 2 very simple questions that we have in our hearts as humans. Many are wanting to discover the meaning of life. Some want to know if there is an afterlife and what it might be like. The bible is clear that man can definitely know God. Also, that just being religious is not going to get you into heaven. First of all, the bible is clear that there is only one way to know God. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life, anyone who wants to see the father must go through me.” So there is only one way to know God but that way is available for all of mankind. Jesus also said, “for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth on him shall have everlasting life”. With this statement Jesus let us know that there is an afterlife and we can have that life if we choose to believe in the son of God.

There are millions of religious people in the world today and all of them are on a quest to understand God in one way or another. There are many forms of religion and many gods that they claim. How can we know that our religion has the one true God? Well, actually religion does not have the answer. There are not many gods but only one. He is the creator of heaven and earth as well as mankind and all that is living. His name is Jehovah. This God created man in His image and in His likeness. He created all of the world and everything in it. He all powerful, knows all and is present always. God created man perfect, with no defects whatsoever. However he gave man a free will. God allowed man to choose whether he would serve God or serve himself. When he was tempted he chose to disobey God and do the one thing He asked him not to do. After this there was a break in the relationship of God and man. Sin entered into the world and separated all of man-kind from God. Man was lost and destined for an eternity without God. For you see, man is an eternal creature. While each of us was born into this world, none of us will ever really die. Our bodies will die but our spirit is eternal. The spirit of man is the true person. It is in our heart that we find life. We find the ability to believe in an eternal God and make Him our Father. While many people are turning to religion, God is looking for a family. If you call upon God He will save you and he will develop a relationship with you. When you ask Jesus to save you he does. When you believe on him you will be born again. You don’t join some religion, you are born into a family. So the answer to the question can anyone really know God is yes. You can know God through believing on His one and only son Jesus Christ. And being a religious person will not get you to heaven but believing in Jesus and getting to know Him will!

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