Healing Yourself Before Healing Others

Healings are an important part of our lives. Our energy is constantly changing, moving, shifting, and ever growing and expanding as we are all energetic beings. We are always in constant motion ? either moving forwards or backwards, but never standing still.

When we come in contact with people throughout our day – his/her energy is then connected with ours energy. We have issues that can build upon each other to where they can block our chakras, cause stagnant energy issues, cause rips and tears within our aura layers, can leave thick sticky energetic imprints, attach astral cords, and so much more to our physical, spiritual, and energetic bodies. It is vitally important to work on healings for ourselves.

But what about healing in general? Should we just work on ourselves? What about healing other people? It is vitally important to understand that healing is a combination of all of these things. We are all connected through our energy that we emit ? remember we are all energetic beings living in our physical human format of our bodies. But why is it so important to do this healing work before working and healing others?

Many people today, with all of the alternative medicine and therapies becoming more and more popular are learning different healing techniques. They are learning to go back to the basics and roots and work with what we call non-traditional forms of healing, but these techniques have been around for thousands of years. They are learning them in schools, classes, seminars, and online. The one thing that I have found is that there is a good majority of them that teach self-healing, but the practitioners forget to do this until they are faced with a crisis in their own life.

Healings for others is a wonderful career and life path to lead, but you have to take care of yourself first and foremost. If you are not healing yourself you could be transferring all of that energy to another client, even if you are very careful with your protection shields and filters. This is about keeping your spiritual, physical, and energetic body healthy. There are many light workers on this planet and we are here to help each other to succeed and fulfill our life pathway, but we cannot do that if we are not healing ourselves. Make sure you make it a practice of your everyday routine to spend some time for self-healing, whether it be energy work, crystal healing, sound vibrational techniques, or whatever modality fits you best, take care of yourself in order to be able to help others!

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Many Blessings & Love and Light
Nicole Lanning
Psychic Intuitive, Healer, & Author

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