Fountain Of Dreams

We are dreaming one third of our lives but why? Rationalists have discovered, much to our disappointment that it is not necessarily because we sleep but because of ones physical and mental state.

Dreams can carry many different meanings, warning us of upcoming difficulties, and potential opportunities in our lives. The best way to keep track of what your subconscious may be telling you, is to follow the guidelines of a good Dream Dictionary. The one offered here is highly detailed, and can be used any time to help you understand what your dreams are telling you about your present and future.

It is true that some biological processes such as production of hormones, cell regeneration and recovery are carried out at night, but perhaps they could be carried out when we relax in other words, when we just do not use our energy.

Even if this is just an additional way to confront the meaning of dreams, it is clear that sleep is a basic existential condition of human existence because he has no less experience and experiences of our waking state. One element that allows us to reach this conclusion is the fact that as infants we spend most of the time in the country of dreams. Then, slowly and surely, we begin to discover through our five senses more and more elements of this dimension is actually what we call the real world.

In adulthood we remain awake two-thirds of the time, but during the dream we come back each time to our primary position of what we have been forced to abandon since birth. We entered the world through a natural body that seeks expression and self-assertion during periods of observing which is only limited to our brain expansion at the time of our age.

This is about perspective, completely opposite to that of the old rationalists who have ever thought that sleep is just another land, and that we fall in the complicated watch mechanism. If you turn the theory upside down the views become very materialistic and, if we discuss them on the opposite side, life becomes very different in the sense in which the “real world” no longer exists on the outside but only inside each one of us.

Then we can perceive it as a dimension that religion called the Sky, a definitive of “collective unconscious”. In the dream we go there and we can communicate through our dreams with the rest of the universe. Our energies and our inspiration comes from this particular source.

In our sleep, we return to the Land of Dreams and if you immediately feel at home there, our life acquires a new dimension. The real world ceases to be what it seems only as “The Fountain” but is important. There we were before we were born, there we transfer during sleep and there we will go back there after our death.

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