Who Picks Up The Check On The First Date?

So, who should pick up the check on the first date?

Men should be in charge of taking care of the women in their lives (or that’s what society says)! Old stigmas like this are slowly beginning to come to an end in American life. In fact, the realm of sexuality is becoming more and more diverse and accepted it’s staggering. There are even products out there that make women “hypnotically” attracted to men. If you’re interested you can read the David Shade Advanced Sexual Hypnosis Review.

Most men would agree with the majority of women who tend to think that a man should be in charge of his woman and picking up the check. In fact, most men would even feel slightly insulted if a chick even tried tried to pay for their date!

Some people believe that when you go on a date out on the town you should split the bill (50/50) with your date. Others tend to think that you should pay for your own meal when you?re on date. In fact, most folks believe that if you pay for your own ticket, that neither one of you should believe that the other person “owes you” since you picked up the tab. Although men tend to believe that picking up the bill will make it easier to sleep with the woman down the road that is completely false. In fact, it conveys too much of the “nice guy” attitude which is a turn off to women. You have a better chance of going to bed with her if you don’t pick up the bill. You can read more about that concept at the David Shade Cure Nice Guy Review.

It is quite surprising to me that the subject of who should pay for a meal/date, can make a person get feelings of apprehension, nervousness and anxiety. Just the notion that they have to make a choice about who pays for the date can make then not date at all. This is because they do not want to discuss this subject and would just rather skip the date all together than deal with this issue.

Here are 5 tips that will help you rid yourself of the anxiousness and anxiety that goes along with thinking about who will cover the cost of the date.

1)think about splitting the bill and going dutch! Remember, you may have just started dating and you really don?t know each other that well. Neither one of you know each other very well so there is no obligation for anything. Shouldn’t enjoying each others company be payment enough?

2)Consider “seeding” a second date. You pick up the tab this time and tell her she can pick up the tab next time! This way you have a reason to meet up with her again. Brilliant!

3)Be fun! Women love games. Play a game of rock-paper-scissors and the winner has to pay the bill.

4)possibly invite your date to your house for a dinner meal or to watch a movie. You no longer have to worry about paying a bill.

5)Have a “free” date. Go to the park or to a public beach. Not only will you no longer have a bill to worry about but neither one of you will have to spend any money.

Have a fun date! That?s the whole idea isn?t it? Don’t let your anxiety about who was to pick up the bill get in the way of having fun and enjoying yourself. Having fun on your date is the most important thing of all so that should be your number one goal!

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