Using The No Contact Rule To Get Him Back – Do Text Messages Count?

Are you trying to get your ex back and you have heard that the no contact rule can help you to get him back? Are you thinking of bending the rule a little bit and sending him a text message? What harm can come from one little text message, right?

Before you flush everything that you have done so far down the drain just to appease your desire to reach out to your ex, think about this. How horrible will you feel if he doesn’t text you back? How bad will it feel if he texts you back that it’s over or something equally mean?

Resist the temptation to break the no contact rule by texting him and work on doing the supplementary things that you should be doing in addition to abiding by the no contact rule if you are serious about getting your ex back. Do what you need to do to quiet the nagging desire to reach out to him and know in your heart that if you stay the course you really can get him back. In the end it will all be worth it.

Occupy your time, if nothing else, until the need to talk to him passes.

Good For The Soul – Good food is good for the soul but sometimes a few sweets or satisfying a desire for chocolate, ice cream or eating chocolate chip cookie dough with a fork can make you feel better. There is a reason why they call many of these foods “comfort foods” and by treating yourself to a little food that you really enjoy you can take your mind off of your ex.

In addition, treating yourself shows that you care about yourself. A devilishly delightful snack can bring a smile to your face and make you feel better about yourself when done in moderation. After all, you need to treat yourself good these days… treat yourself with kindness, caring and love. You are going through a lot and nobody knows that better than you do. So treat yourself with caring in every way.

Shopping – As a guy I never understood the allure of shopping to make oneself feel better… up until last year when I went clothes shopping with a gift certificate that was given to me. I understand now!

Nothing makes you feel quite as wonderful as doing a little shopping. New clothes have a mystical affect on you and you feel almost like a different person in your new clothes. You can be whoever you want. A change in style can bring about a profound change in your attitude and also in how others view you.

Try a little shopping therapy and see for yourself how others view you just a little bit differently. Feel different in yourself and treat yourself to a new outfit if you’re feeling down or if you just need to get out of the house to forget about your ex for a while.

These Shoes Were Made For Walkin’ – Go for a short walk. Clear your head and put the troubles with your ex behind you one step at a time. If you feel weird just walking down the street, go to your local high school and walk. Most high schools have a track which will also make it easy for you to calculate how far you’ve walked.

In addition to the low impact workout which can help you to become more toned and fit (which no doubt will make you more attractive to your ex and other guys in general) a good brisk walk has additional benefits. The chemicals released when you are exercising can bring about a feeling of well being and happiness and the physical exertion can help you sleep better at night.

In the end I think you can see that there are a lot of things that you can do instead of breaking the no contact rule and trying to get in touch with your ex. Texting does count as communication and would set you back weeks in your bid to get him back so resist the temptation.

In time, the urge to contact him will pass and you will be able to focus more effectively on your plan to get him back. You will be able to lay out what you’re going to do and what you’re going to say to move him emotionally and psychologically so he will be begging you for another chance instead of the other way around.

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