Trying To Get Your Man Back And Dealing With The Pain

First, I’m sorry that this has happened to you… and I’m sorry that you are in such pain. I understand all too well what it feels like to have your heart literally broken and to sit wondering what you need to do to get your ex back.

You feel so alone and so cold sometimes and the tears simply won’t stop. Even happy memories of time spent together are tarnished now and you feel as if your relationship had been a complete lie. The pain in your chest is so real that you wonder if something is really physically wrong… the anguish and torment are relentless as you cry out in the night for and end to the pain. You wonder where he is and what he’s doing. Does he feel anything for you? Why has this happened? When will the pain ever end?

Dealing with the pain can really be an overwhelming task in the wake of your breakup. Cry if you feel like crying. Cry until you feel as if you are all cried out. Cry until the tears simple won’t flow any more. Allow yourself some time to mourn the end of your relationship. Listen to your body and if you feel like sleeping then sleep. If your body tells you to eat then by all means eat. If you just want to wallow in some self pity for a while then do it.

So many people will tell you that you need to suck it up and move on but give yourself a little time to get this out of your system if that is what you feel like doing. But know that there will come a day when the pain will stop. I have been there and felt like it would never end. Soon I had moments when I felt ok… that I could function. Then these moments became hours and the hours became days, all the time with moments when I was reminded of the rejection from the one I loved. But soon the pain began to ebb away and like the sea at low tide, I found that the pain was no longer close to me.

Soon you will begin to feel that you are a worthwhile person. Your identity won’t be wrapped up in the rejection from the one person that you trusted with your heart. You will laugh again one day. You will have fun and find joy in life one day. Your self esteem will begin to return. You will have hope and just like the sun after a week of rain, everything will seem fresh and new and your days will be full of warmth and light.

Eventually, one of two things will happen in your life. There will be two roads that you will have to choose from. One leads down the path that is unknown filled with mystery and possibilities. You will move on to another relationship. You will start looking for someone new to spend time with… someone to share your days and your life with. It might be difficult at first to trust and be open but you will find one special person that understands you… someone that is patient and kind while making life fun and interesting. Someone that you might compare to your ex for a while… better is some way but maybe not in others but still someone that you enjoy and perhaps even fall in love with.

Then there is the other path. That path leads back into the arms of the man that you love right now. You might feel that it would take some doing to get him back. You might hold no hope for that ever happening in light of current events. But never say never. I have had ex’s come back right about the time that I felt that all hope was lost. Terrible circumstances reversed themselves and I found myself face to face hearing the words that I never thought I would ever hear again. Delightful? Yes! Surprising? Absolutely!

Ex’s do come back and even if you are thinking that it will never happen, it could happen all on its own… or you can move in a direction with a plan to get him back. It’s up to you but once you are starting to feel better… more “yourself” and if you decide that getting him back is the direction in which you want to move then there are things that you can do to improve your chances. After all, men are pretty simple creatures and awful easy to manipulate if you know what to do.

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