The Problem With Relying Upon The No Contact Rule To Get Your Boyfriend Back

Have you heard that in order for you to get your boyfriend back all you have to do is abide by the no contact rule? This is the single most dangerous thing that you can do if you really are serious about getting your ex back. Well, let me rephrase that… if abiding by the no contact rule is the only thing that you’re going to do to get your boyfriend back then you are in serious trouble.

Let me explain… I have been giving relationship advice for quite a few years. I have helped untold numbers of women successfully get their ex boyfriends and ex husbands back. I’ve written books on the subject and also have helped girls one on one in person to understand their man and what they need to do to successfully make him change his mind about a breakup.

There really is no trick to getting your boyfriend back if you know what to do. There are no magic words. There is no way to hypnotize him or turn him into your love zombie. It’s all a matter of understanding some basic male psychology and a few things about relationship dynamics.

For instance, one huge relationship dynamic that you might not be aware of is quite possibly making it more difficult for you to get your boyfriend back at this very moment. No, I’m not talking about another woman. I’m talking about YOU! Even if there is another woman it is all about how you deal with your emotions and how you deal with your ex on an emotional level that will mean the difference between success and failure in your quest to get him back.

If you have spent any amount of time trying to talk your boyfriend out of leaving you or if you have begged him for another chance you have fallen victim to what I’m talking about. If you have called him a lot or told him that you will always love him then you have slipped into the trap of this relationship dynamic that can be a little tricky to get out of.

Now, of course it is possible to pull your relationship from the grips of this nasty place where it is at right now. And yes, the no contact rule does play a part in helping to get your boyfriend back but it is only one piece of the puzzle. Just sitting in your bedroom waiting on the phone to ring won’t bring him back… and many wonderful relationships have been allowed to slip away thanks to this flawed relationship advice. But I’m going to help you out here… what do you need to do in addition to abiding by the No Contact Rule?

Let you mind wander back and pull up some memories from when you and your man first got together… what were things like? You were happy and flirty and fun and you loved life! You were in love and everything seemed wonderful. Do you know that part of what made you so beautiful and so endearing was that love that you felt in your heart? It changed who you were. You were fun to be around and you made your man’s heart beat fast. He wanted to be around you all the time… and not so much these days, right?

Well, part of getting him back is recognizing this pattern. Men tend not to want to be around women that are full of negative emotions and who seem down and depressed all the time. I know you’re sad over the breakup but there is really no reason to be bummed. You can and you WILL get him back. Own that assurance. Feel it in your heart and with every bit of your being and you will find that your attitude and outlook improves dramatically and you actually become more attractive.

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