Should You Tell Your Ex Girlfriend That You Still Love Her?

Are you trying to get your ex girlfriend back and you worry that she doesn’t know that you still love her? Are you tempted to call her up and tell her that you still love her and still want to get back together? Do you think that she will never call you so you feel that it is your duty to make it easy on her? After all, she might think that you are angry with her and be afraid to talk to you, right?

Wrong! Your ex hasn’t forgotten that you still want her and that you would take her back in a second. If you have spent any time trying to get her back you have probably demeaned yourself and done a lot of stupid things to try to get her back and thus ruin your chances of actually getting her back. If nothing else, you have prolonged the amount of time that it’s going to take to get her back if you have been trying to talk with her about the problems that led to your breakup or promised to change if she would only give you another chance.

I hate to be harsh on you here but all the typical things that guys try to do to get a girl back actually work against them. Guys just work differently than women and where we guys are pretty logical, women are emotional and driven by their feelings. This is why guys like sports and women tend to like romance novels and chick flicks.

If it were up to you it would be easy to get back together. Your ex stated what she didn’t like about your relationship and in your mind all you have to do is change those things and the relationship is fixed. It makes sense to you, right? Fix the problems and then there are no problems any longer and you can get back to hanging out, spending time together and building romance, right? Unfortunately, women don’t think this way and chances are your ex is the like most women.

Your ex might not even be able to verablize what the problem is. She might even hit you where it really hurts and tell you that she just doesn’t feel anything any longer. She might tell you that she does care about you but that she’s not in love with you any more. That is because for a woman to move into a romantic relationship she needs to feel those emotions. She needs to feel passion and desire and all of those feeling that women get when they read romance novels and watch sappy chick flicks.

You might think that just being romantic or being nice or doing something really crazy like in one of those movies would do the trick but sadly it doesn’t really work this way either. Save those thoughts for after you get her back though, ok? The first thing that your ex is going to need to feel for you before anything else is respect. Right now she has probably lost a lot of respect for you. This is not just from everything that happened before the breakup but also all that you have done to cause her to lose respect for you since the breakup. If you have been being a bit of a weenie since the breakup by telling her that you still love her or that you want to talk about the relationship you are pushing her away and causing her to further lose respect for you.

What do you do to get her to respect you again? The first thing you need to do is to put some distance between her and you. Give her some time and space to chill out and let the dust settle a little bit. During this time you need to rebuild yourself and get some respect back for yourself. Deal with your urge to contact her and do all the crazy things that most guys do to try to get their ex back… and for Pete’s sake, don’t tell her that you love her, ok? Make a pact with yourself and tell yourself that you won’t tell her that you love her or that you want to get back together until she says it first. You’ll be surprised because there will come a day when she will say those words… but again, you need to know how to bring out those emotions in a woman and in your ex in particular if you ever hope to get her back.

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