Sex & Romance- How long should a person wait before deciding to have sex with their partner?

How long should a person wait before deciding to have sex with their partner?


It wasn’t too long ago when answering this question was quite simple, and for some it may very well still be. Many people believe that a couple should only engage in sexual intercourse when they are legally able to, which is of course when they get married either in church or in court.  Others believe that once they get to know a person well enough then it is okay for them to engage in such activities and there are some out there that believe that as long as you know the person’s first name then it should be okay.

So ladies and gents how long do you think a couple should wait before getting down to business?


  1. I have to completely agree Ross. The way I see it is once you’ve given someone yourself in that sense then what else do you have to hold on to. Society has made sex seem as if it were nothing, unimportant and it’s something that one can even share with a complete stranger, but it shouldn’t be that way. Something as great as that should be left between a married couple that obviosuly loves each other.

  2. If your life is committed to Christ, then you are to submit to his laws. This means waiting until you are married to enjoy God’s gift of sex. Some of us have not waited and wished we would have. With each person you casually sleep with you are giving away a part of your spirit. Don’t give into temptation, when there is a better gift when you wait until you have your Husband or Wife.

  3. It is hard to be a virgine especially now in days. Everything around you is a sex symbol. Im trying but somtimes i just wanna give it up. But then i think about if i do then what else do i have to hold on to. So waiting till marriage is the best thing to do. then your you can brag about your hubby being your first and you know he’ll feel good.

  4. i believe that if someone has not given them self into fornication yet that they need to wait for marriage. if your not married to your partner then you cannot have sex with them. believe it or nor there are people who are still virgins, the very few of us and that are doing their best to stay so until marriage. the only thing is that we need to understand that we cannot stay pure without God’s help because we are total freaks when it comes to sex. so we just need to submit to God and allow him to keep us pure

  5. the right thing to do would be to wait for marriage but lets be serious… how many people are really going to do that in these times . The best advice that i would give if the couple doesn’t want to wait for marriage is to wait until both partners are ready and then ONLY have safe sex 🙂 .

  6. I think that a person should definitely wait until they are married to take such a big step in a relationship. Yes I said it, married. Let’s be real, once you decide to fully give yourself to someone then there really isn’t much left to the relationship. It’s like been there done that. There has to be some things that still remain sacred for goodness sakes, and sex is definitely one of them.

  7. A few days ago I was talking to a buddy of mine and he mentioned how this has been the longest he has been with a girl just kissing and making out without really doing it. He told me that he’s been getting pressured by the boys and his brothers about “tapping that”.

    He’s getting to the point now he’s not really sure if he should jump in and try to do it or just keep it as is. What I told him was that man, listen, boys will always be boys. Do not do anything you are not really up for. Do nothing just because you are being pressured.

    And plus, if you really want and like this girl a lot take your time to first to get to know her. Once you tap that you will not be interested in getting to know her. So, how long to wait, ummmmm…

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