How To Win Him Back? – Be Patient And Sincere

Have you ever been dumped because of something you said? This can be a crushing experience. Anything you say is not helping and your boyfriend just doesn’t forgive. How to win your ex back is by evaluating what you said that caused the break up.

If you are genuinely sorry you should apologize with sincerity. The fact that you sincerely regret the words that came out of your mouth should be enough to win your ex back.

In order to make sure your ex sees your sincerity, you need to plan how to apologize properly. One way is to invite him to dinner and cook his favorite food.

Don’t use candle lights, just entertain in normal lighting. Use your best dishes and glasses. You can serve wine if it goes with the meal. Prepare the dinner and set up the evening so that you can set aside time to explain yourself and make your apology.

If he refuses to be alone with you, invite him to lunch in a nice restaurant which has some privacy in their seating arrangements. Once seated look him in the eye and explain yourself clearly, no tears. Men often feel manipulated by women who cry. Try not to cry no matter how emotional you feel.

Cracking voice is ok, but fight against tears. Your ultimate goal is to make him wondering why he left you. So, remind him about the good things in your relationship. Recall past memories about fun situation you two ended up. If he laughs, this is definitely a good sign.

One meeting is still not necessarily enough to get your boyfriend back. However, if you succeed to appeal his feelings, you have gotten him thinking about your relationship with new eyes. He may start remembering the things he likes about you. Also, you are letting him know that you still have strong feelings for him.

It is important that you let him make the first romantic move. Your job is to make him aware of that you are willing to get back together with him. You can touch him gently when it is appropriate, but that’s it.

When trying to win your ex boyfriend back, be his friend and be there for him if he needs you. You can make him small favors, such as taking care of his pets and plants when he is away.

You have to be patient. It may take some time until he is able to trust you again. However, if he still loves you, it is only a matter of time when you two are back together again.

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