How To Win Back Your Ex Girlfriend – What If She Is With Another Guy?

There are some situations that make winning back an ex girlfriend seem harder than just about anything that you could ever endeavor to try. And of those situations is when you find out that your ex girlfriend is with another guy. Just the shock of hearing that she is with another guy can be enough to stop you in your tracks and take away any hope that you may have had of the two of you being a couple again. Gone are the images of you and her being happily in love and they are replaced by the thoughts of her being with some other guy who is not you.

Now, I know that things can seem really bad right now if your ex girlfriend is with another guy. However, it does not have to stay that way for too long. There are some things that you can do that can help you to win back your ex girlfriend even if there is a new dude in the picture. You do have to know that it’s not going to happen in the blink of an eye though. It may take some time, so if you are not comfortable with that… you may want to think about forgetting about her and finding someone else.

Here’s some advice that works on how to win back an ex girlfriend when she is with another guy:

In this situation, your biggest enemy is not really the new guy, it’s how you deal with the situation. Specifically, if it makes you feel insecure, if it makes you feel really jealous, that is going to have more of a negative impact on the situation than anything else. Remember that he is just another guy, he may or may not even know much about you at all, and that he is not an enemy at all. If you give off weird vibes or make it seem really obvious that you have a lot of disdain for the new guy… your ex girlfriend is not going to want to spend any time talking to you, and she will probably think of you in a very negative way.

You need to be a little bit distant from the situation, because if she is kind of happy with the new guy and you are the one who comes in between her and that happiness… that’s bad on you and you will have yet another obstacle standing in your way. Still, you do want to have ‘some’ contact with her, though it should be sparingly. Too much and you become more of a friend and a confidante and that is no good either.

Outshine the New Guy and She Will Want YOU Again…

Be realistic about the situation. Most of the time, the new guy is just a passing phase and it will wear itself out after a little while. And if you are still standing there and your ex girlfriend still sees you as being a pretty good guy, then you will have your chance to get another try with her. As long as you outshine the new guy and you come across as being more desirable than he is… it’s only a matter of time before she becomes YOUR girlfriend again.

Also, what you need to do is to show your ex girlfriend that you are not just clamoring away for her. Let her see that you have no problems at all carrying on without her. Date a new woman. Talk to your ex girlfriend without letting her see that you are distraught over the fact that there is a new man in her life. If you do these things, in due time you will see that there is still an attraction there, and you will be able to win her back. And that new guy? He will become that OLD guy!

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