How Can A Man Last Longer During Sex – Special Tips!

Did you think about how can a man last longer in bed and what tricks he can use for that? If you did then I’m glad do tell you that you are on the right page here and you found the answer. I learned by myself how to deal with my premature ejaculation and last long enough so the woman can also enjoy the act. Here I am going to give you few tricks that worked for me and there is no reason they won’t work for you. I

Did you hear about the PC muscle? It’s the muscle between the testicals and the rectum. When you feel that the orgasm is very close you just have to stop and press hard on that muscle with your fingers until you feel that you can continue again. It’s a little uncomfortable but always works so you better try that. Also strengthening the PC muscle with special exercises is the first step in “how to last longer in bed” bible! One of the best, and also my favorite exercise is to put a very light towel on your penis when it’s erect and then lift it. 10 repetitions every day and after a month you’ll be like a professional porn star! I know that you want immediate results and you prefer a technique that can be applied today and be effective without any preparations, but trust me ? going for the long run is the best because you’ll get rid of your problem forever!

Another good method is distraction. Don’t worry you don’t have to put a naked grandma’s picture in from of you. Actually all you need to do is to hold the tip of your tongue on the roof of the mouth. Sounds too easy and ineffective? Trust me, it’s probably one of the best tricks and your girlfriend doesn’t have any idea you are doing that! I remember I tried that for the first time ? it helped me to last almost 0 minutes longer then the average time.

The second method is not really a trick, it’s more like a long run training only with yourself if you know what I mean. Masturbation can be used to train your self to last even an hour if you have the will power. It’s very simple ? when you feel you are about to ejaculate during the masturbation you just have to stop. Always try to bring yourself to closer point from an orgasm and then to stop again. It’s not going to be easy but after a week or two you won’t need any other methods, you’ll just last 30 minutes without any problem!

I hope you enjoy reading my short guide and start using the tips I gave you right now. Remember ? nothing will happen for you without taking any action. Good luck!

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