Getting An Ex Back Requires Patience

Getting your ex back requires patience. No matter whether you were the one who was dumped or the other way around, these things don’t happen overnight. A good news is that there are some things and tricks that can help you to get him or her back.

The most important thing is to give your ex some space. If you are too intrusive it annoys them, and this only pushes them farther away from you. So, what you need to do is being busy during the next couple of weeks. Make sure that you don’t see your ex during that time.

Don’t pour out your break up in Facebook telling how miserable you are right now. It makes you look pathetic and you don’t want your ex to see this. However, what you should do is to update your relationship status as single. When your friends and family say how sorry they are, you should respond to them casually that it’s ok, you are looking forward your future adventures as a single. Your ex is probably going to be checking out your profile, and you want him or her to see that you are moving on.

What should you do during that 2 weeks time period? Well, for girls, make yourself dazzlingly beautiful. Visit beautician and hairdresser and buy some sexy clothes that really hit your ex. Also, try to loose some water weight and tone up a little by visiting at the gym at least ten times during that two weeks time period.

A man should get some new clothes that are a little more stylish then what they usually wear, hit the gym as well, and they also may want to hit the tanning bed a couple of times, just to get a little bit of color.

When the time is ripe for bumping into your ex you contact him or her. It is better to send a text message than calling them. If they have left some stuff to your home the message could be something like this: “Hi, can you take your stuff today because I’m reorganizing my home and need some extra space.”

When you meet your ex try to be short, but at the same time a little bit flirty. However, don’t be too obvious. Because they haven’t seen you for a couple of weeks, you will notice whether they still have feelings for you or not.

If they want you to speak with you awhile, it is definitely a good sign; they still have at least some positive feelings for you. However, don’t enter into too long conversation. Tell your ex that you have something else to do. If their feelings are deep enough they will call you tonight.

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