Get Your Exboyfriend Back Even If He Is Seeing A Stripper!

Has your ex left you for another woman and to boot she is a stripper? Do you feel like all hope is lost and that there is no way that you will ever be able to get him back? Do you wish that there was some way to win him back from the type of woman that is every man’s dream?

The truth is that first of all, most rebound relationships don’t work out. It is really not uncommon for a guy to either already be in a relationship when he breaks up with a woman especially if it comes out of the blue and things seemed to be going fine. Did your ex suddenly become hyper critical of you or seem like he was growing distant in the days or weeks leading up to the breakup? Did he start keeping weird hours or was he overly protective of his cell phone or computer? He may have thought that he was being sneaky but guys are horrible liars and not very good at covering the truth.

The good news is that the majority of rebound relationships turn south rather quickly. After the excitement of their clandestine relationship is over and they are faced with what they have always dreamed of they will find that it isn’t what they thought it would be. The excitement of sneaking around and those passionate feelings and longings that they may have had for each other vanish into thin air. What was fun for a few hours every couple of days has left them wondering what’s next? A relaxing night together doesn’t match the excitement that they once had sneaking around and often the affair dissolves as quickly as it began.

In addition, a woman that steals a man from another woman is usually attracted to the fact that he is another woman’s man. Often it is just the challenge of stealing that man away that is the goal and she might not even know it. Once she has accomplished her goal she will begin to see his faults and wonder why she was so crazy about this guy to begin with. Many times such a woman will move on to another guy and then another guy after that as she looks for that perfect guy because we all know that all the good guys are taken, right?

One thing that you should know about strippers that you may not know is that they dance and take their clothes off for money. The seduction and part of the game is in extracting as much money out of the guy as they possibly can. Most strippers look upon the men that come into their place of work as clients and if they can get a string of regular clients they don’t have to deal with the other guys that come into the club. They can pick and choose who they spend their time with and they don’t have to work as hard as the other girls.

Most strippers won’t date clients or men that visit a strip club. While there is an exception to ever rule it is very rare indeed that a stripper will date and have an extended relationship with a client or someone she has met at work. In some cases a dating relationship might occur just so a girl can extract more money from a guy. She might lead him on and make him believe that they are dating for the benefits that come with dating a guy especially if he has a lot of money. It is also true that it does take a special kind of guy to really date a stripper. Most men aren’t secure enough to allow their girlfriend to dance and take off her clothes in front of other men and many guys become uncontrollably jealous and demand that their new girlfriend quit her job… and most strippers have no desire to quit.

While you might think that your relationship is beyond hope or that you will never be able to get him back if he is dating a stripper the truth is that it is possible. My suggestion would be to keep your cool, wait and see how things play out and wait for him to come crawling back to you once his relationship with his stripper girlfriend ends. In the meantime, build yourself back up. Get back on your feet and get your self confidence back and learn what a stripper has that you are lacking right now. Find out how you can create that same kind of passion and desire in your man emotionally that he went to her for and you have a very good chance of getting him back even if his relationship doesn’t fall apart. Find out what you can say and do to get him back before things get totally out of hand.

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